Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Spring Break

We loved our Spring Break! The best thing about it was that Ben had vacation that week as well!  That doesn't happen very often, so we thoroughly enjoyed our time together!

We decided to take a trip to Arizona to visit family.  We stopped by the Gila Valley Temple and took a few pictures...

Everyone had to "touch" the Temple.

Mom and Daisy

We stopped by the dollar store and everyone had the chance to pick one thing.  Lacey picked these bunny ears.  Her birthday was on Easter this past year and she felt a connection to the Easter Bunny.

We also stopped by a small lake (if it's allowed to be called a lake) and everyone had fun skipping rocks and just relaxing.

Caleb, Carson and Devin

Daisy and Dad


The girls even participated in the action.  They were able to find some really good rocks to throw.

Ashton brought his sling shot and got a little practicing in.



Caleb and Carson

Caleb, Calvin and Carson
Briana and Ben
We all loved stopping by Matta's and eating lunch.  It's a family favorite!
All the boys enjoyed stopping by Bass Pro Shop and looking around.  That place is amazing!

Overall, our Spring Break was great and we were sad to see it come to an end.  We look forward to our next break with Ben!


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