Friday, September 17, 2010


Calvin received his Bobcat a few months ago.  He was so excited to get his award and now he is even more excited to get started on all his other achievements!

Kindergarten Graduation

Ashton graduated from Kindergarten!  He had the best year!  Mrs. Adolph was a great teacher and did a fantastic job!  She always commented that he was well-behaved and had great manners.  He would always complete his math papers so fast!  I call him my mental math boy.  We are so proud of him!

The Peg Board

Caleb and Carson recently "graduated" from their elementary school and moved on to Middle School.  Before the end of the year, all the students in their grade were challenged to climb the peg board to the top.  A hard challenge, I know!  Only five students from the whole school did it!  Caleb and Carson being two of them!  What an accomplishment!  We are so proud of them!

Calvin's Birthday

Calvin turned 8 in May.  I know that I'm a little behind in posting, but that's life I guess.
All Calvin wanted for his birthday was a pair of boots.  He was so excited when he opened them.  He loves wearing his boots, almost every day!  

When I asked him what he wanted for a cake, he decided that he wanted lemon truffles.  He heard me talk about them before and they are fun and easy to make.  Calvin wanted to help make them, so we made a lemon cake,  baked it and then crumbled into the mixer and mixed it up with the frosting.  We rolled them into balls, froze them and then dipped them into white chocolate.  It was a little time consuming, but we had fun!

We love Calvin!  He is very talented!  Loves to play the piano and recently started on the viola (upon his request).  He collects many things and loves to draw!  He is a great son and brother!

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