Monday, June 25, 2012

Do I Have to Eat That?

Sometimes Daisy makes the funniest faces.  Caleb took a couple pictures back in February of Daisy being silly. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Filling Dad's Shoes

Daisy's favorite time of day is when Dad comes home from work.  He takes his shoes off and Daisy is quick to put them on.  She loves to wear them, but is not to good at walking in them...

A Shining Star

Lacey spend most of her time doing this: singing and dancing!  Funny girl!

The Hatch Family Comes to Visit

In February, Kobie and Jared came to visit along with their three sweet girls.  We were so excited for them to come and see us!  They are the first of Ben's family to come and stay the weekend!  

The day they arrived was Kobie's birthday, so we decided to have a birthday party!  We invited Uncle Wade and Aunt Shelly's family over for dinner and cake and ice cream.  We all had lots of fun!

We had a whole lot of people in our little kitchen.  The more the merrier, right?


Jared and Wade

Alli and Carson

It wouldn't be a true family gathering without Kobie taking pictures!  She is a great photographer!

We wanted to thank the Hatch's for coming to visit.  Poor Kobie got really sick and spent most of the time in bed.  I felt so bad.  But Lacey especially love playing with he cousins!
We are excited for any more people to come and visit...

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