Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Calvin!

 We celebrated Calvin's 10th birthday in May.  He loves a good party.  For his birthday he wanted cake balls.  So that is what he got!  A few years ago he asked for lemon cake balls, this year it was chocolate.  And they were yummy and rich!

Calvin also wanted a monster for his birthday.  He opened one present before school and that is what it was.  He was so excited and sleeps with his monster every night.  He has started a small clan of monsters in our house since then.

We had the cousins come over for a small party.  And we loved every moment!  We had to push things along pretty fast because the boys had scouts right after the presents were opened.

Calvin is a great boy.  He is very good with his sisters and they just love him.  He is very creative and is always coming up with things to make.  He is also very smart.  The lowest grade he received all year in school was a 96%.  And he was so disappointed that he got such a low score!  Funny kid!  He also plays the piano and viola and does so excellently!  Things just come so naturally to him.  We are glad that he is a part of our family!


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