Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Nightly Ritual

I love to read to the boys. We found such a great book! The boys are always asking me to read Fablehaven to them. This is what happened when I read one night. They kept asking and asking me to read another chapter...about an hour and a half later, this is what we ended up with. If anyone wants to read a great book, give this one a try. I'm really enjoying the "nightly reads" as well.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb and Carson!!!

Caleb and Carson just celebrated their 9th birthday on Friday!
We had a busy day full of lots of fun things!
Here are a few things about Caleb...
Loves music
Loves riding bikes
Great at making eggs
Can do a headstand like no one else
3rd Grader
Cub Scout
Wonderful big brother
Has good handwriting
Good piano player
Loves having family parties
Loves to play in the Creek
Keeps his room clean
Loves being a twin!
Here are a few things about Carson...
Great sandwich maker
Loves a good book
3rd Grader
Cub Scout
Super big brother
Has a good imagination
Wants to be a doctor
Good at drawing
Good piano player
Very sensitive and thoughtful
Very helpful
Loves to play Settlers of Catan and Pit
Keeps his room clean
Loves being a twin!
We put some trick candles on the pie. Every time the boys would blow them out, they would light back up again. Everyone was getting into it. It was really funny!

The boys wanted an apple pie instead of a cake, so here it is...

Here are a few of the presents that they opened that morning.

They loved their bag of treats. I think that the hot cheetos were a favorite!

Such excitement!

Happy Birthday Boys! We love you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The boys

Here are a few of the individual pictures that Chea took of the boys.

Devin - age 3Carson - age 8
Caleb - age 8
Calvin - age 6
Ashton - age 5

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