Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caleb and Carson's 8th Birthday

Well Caleb and Carson are officially 8 years old! I can't believe it. They are scheduled to be baptized in April. They are really excited.
Carson just opened his "tie" present.
Caleb just opened his scripture bag.
Carson is showing off what he got for his birthday. He loves learning about the human body and all he asked for was for a "body book". He was really excited when he opened. It's actually a really neat book. I think that I am going to have to read it. He has quite the collection of books.
Caleb is pointing to his name on his scriptures. All Caleb wanted for his birthday is a Josh Groban CD. He loves to sing and make up songs on the piano. He honestly thinks that he sounds like Josh Groban when he sings! He actually asked me if he could have voice lessons!
Here are the Scripture Bags that Aunt Brittany gave to them. She bought the material and I put them together. I thought that they were so cute! Thank you for everyone who made their birthday a special one!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Queen Creek Easter Egg Hunt

Ben's sister, Heather, and I decided to take our kids to the town's Easter Egg hunt. We had a lot of fun. And the kids loved it. I only had Calvin, Ashton and Devin with me. Caleb and Carson were spending some time with their Uncle Brigham. There were lots of eggs! Ashton had alot of fun and waited patiently for his turn to hunt for the eggs.
These kids had to act fast if they were going to get any eggs! At first Devin only wanted one egg! When we told him that he could get more, he was so excited!

I was surprised at how many parents and older kids (they did it by age section) were claiming eggs in the 2 year old category! I actually had to tell one kid that he needed to let the 2 year old get eggs. His mom was nearby and I don't think she liked that I said that. Oh well!
Devin's cousin, Kennedy, went with us. The stroller came in handy! Devin is working really hard to open his egg.
Calvin was really excited to line up and go!

As you can see, there were a lot of kids there. This is only one section of them!
See Calvin in the green shirt? I dressed them all in green so that I could spot them easier in a crowd. And it worked! The whole field was full of eggs and they were gone in about 2 minutes! Calvin is showing off one of his eggs.
Calvin and Devin both had pirate patches in their eggs.

Devin and Friends

Devin went to a birthday party about two weeks ago.
I just had to post a few pictures about it.
Here is Devin and Chloe playing on the hay.
The party was at my parent's house.

Devin and Reese on the hay.
She loves to give Devin hugs and kisses at church. Isn't she so cute?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ashton's fall

I was just going through my pictures (and I had alot to go through!) when I found this picture of Ashton. Here he just injured his head, although I really can't remember how (he has had so many falls!) Poor boy! He always has a bump or cut or scrape. Boys will be boys! What more can I say?

Jordan left for New York!

For those of you who don't know, Ben's brother, Jordan, just recently left on his Mission to New York. Here's the night before he left. I promise that Devin just adores Jordan, he was just having a "moment".
Here's Ben's dad and Grandparents posing with Jordan.
Carson and Caleb eating dessert with Great-Grandma Richardson. They love their Grandma!

Briley's Birthday

My niece, Briley, had her birthday last month. She turned 6 years old. She is Calvin's age and Calvin wanted to make a cake for her so bad. So when they visited from out of town, we just had to make this cake. It was really fun and nice because we just handed out the cupcakes and were done.'s my motto.

Toilet Paper?

As many of you know, I buy pretty much everything in bulk. So just recently I stocked up my toilet paper supply. I didn't immediately put it away and come to find out, I had a helper. Devin ripped opened the package, took out enough toilet paper for him to sit in the package. Funny boy!

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