Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Hike

After we went to the Mesa Southwest Museum and saw the exhibit on the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, the boys were hooked. All they talked about was going to the Superstition Mountains and finding the treasure. So one Saturday, Ben didn't have any studying to do. So we took advantage of it and drove to the Superstition Mountains and went on a hike. Ben and I went to enjoy the outside and to get away. All the boys went to strike it rich!

Ben and Carson are using "primitive tools" and looking for any type of treasure. We brought lunch and had a picnic. It was kind of funny because we left in such a hurry, that we forgot to bring untensils to scoop out the peanut butter and jelly. We got inventive and ripped the cardboard box apart and used that. You can see the box we used above.

The boys saw a "mine", which happened to be a hole in the mountain. So we all had to hike up to it and see if the gold was there. No luck! But we ended up getting some cute pictures! What a load of boys! It was kind of scary with Devin and Ashton. I was worried that they would fall down the mountain. So we didn't stay there very long.
Ashton did his share of exploring.
Carson was so "cool" with his sunglasses.
Caleb was our scout and climber.

Calvin was just happy to be there.

I think that Devin was just interested in the food. Who knows what he is eating!

Every trip has to have a "break" if you know what I mean. And I guess that everyone is on the same schedule. OOPPS! Did I actually just post that!?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tagged by Janae

Ten years ago I was a Senior at Queen Creek High School. I was working 30 hours a week at Olin Microelectronic Materials in Human Resources.
Five years ago we were living in Mesa off of Dobson and Broadway. The twins were 2 years old and Calvin was about 5 months. I think that Ben was at ASU at that time (it honestly is all a blur!). At that time, my sister Brittany and her husband Wes were living in our same subdivision and we would do something everyday. It was a fun time of life.
One year ago we just barely moved to Tucson and our new house. And I was searching for a school to put them into. Ben was traveling inbetween Tucson and Phoenix doing his air conditioning business. It was an adventurous time, but we loved it.
Yesterday the boys and I cleaned the house (sadly, it's not clean today). My brother, John, surprised us and ate lunch with us. He was down visiting from Holbrook. Ben helped his brother, Travis, move. Then we went over to the Richardsons and visited with Ben's Aunt and Uncle that were visiting from St. George. After that we came back home, Ben did some studying and I took a nap trying to get rid of a headache that I had all day. During the evening we had a BBQ and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores in the campfire. What a day!
Out of medical school and residency. Does that count? Anywhere fun with my family. There are so many places I would love to go to with them.
Pay for medical school, invest and give everyone of mine and Ben's brothers and sisters and parents 1 million dollars. Wouldn't that be nice!
Who has time to watch TV? :)
My goodness! What a question! My husband and boys! Family is what it's all about! Is that too generic?
Anyone who reads this!

Friday, October 12, 2007

What's It To You

This song is dedicated to Brittany. When we lived in Snowflake we LOVED listening to this song. We thought Clay Walker was so cute! I think that he kinda reminds me of John. What do you think? Do we have a rising star for a brother?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hair Bows

My sister-in-law, Kobie Hatch, makes the cutest hair bows. She just started a blog for them and you've gotta take a look! I just have to pass on the news because I can't take advantage of it until I get a girl, and that's not happening anytime soon! :)
Here's the link:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mesa Southwest Museum

We visited the Mesa Southwest Museum towards the end of September because Ben's school, A.T. Still University had a special room there that taught about the human body. It was really amazing! Everything was interactive and hands on. Carson especially loved it because he was studying the human body in school. The day we went, the Museum let everyone in for free that was associated with A.T. Still University and fed us breakfast.
All the boys absolutely loved the gold panning! It's a good thing that we went to the gold panning last because that got soaked! Each one of them took home a little sack of "gold".
Another highlight was the jail. I remember going to this same jail when I was a kid. I always tried to be a good girl so that I wouldn't have to go to jail and stay the night there. (That's where my Dad said the bad people go.) So needless to say, all the boys where very good the entire time so that they didn't have to stay the night there. (Are we bad parents. :) Ashton really had to work up his courage to walk into the jail cell and he forced that sweet smile you see.

Bedtime for the Twins

Believe it or not, this is how the twins sleep every night. Even though we bought them bunkbeds, they still sleep with each other! On rare occasions, they sleep in their own beds and under the blankets. Isn't it funny how they still sleep in the same positions!

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