Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Devin!!!

Well, I'm a little late in posting due to just plain busyness and moving.  But we celebrated Devin's 4th birthday on the 19th of September.  It was quite a day because we also had a yard sale that day.  But that evening we had a little barbeque and opened presents.  I made him a little crown to wear that said "Birthday Boy Devin" so everyone would know that it was his special day.

Devin is my little shadow.  Every where I go, he is there with me.  As a baby, random strangers would stop us and say that he was the cutest baby they ever saw!  He was definitely a cutie and still is! 
He loves to play with his olders brothers.
He is a great helper with Lacey and loves to talk to her during the day when the boys are at school.
He is very smart and knows how to add small numbers and knows his ABC's.
He loves Preschool.
He loves learning and will literally spend hours working on his "homework" books.
He loves doing mazes and is really good at them.

One of his favorite things to do is get the puzzle box out and do puzzle after puzzle.  He asks me to help, but he really only wants me to watch.  :)
He can memorize songs and poems so quickly.  One day Ben was singing a song that he has listened to all his life when Devin told him that he was singing it wrong.  And then Devin sang the whole chorus!  Ben was impressed because he didn't even know the words!
We love Devin and love having him in our family!

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