Monday, July 30, 2012

Scripture Reading

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Every day I try my best to read my Scriptures, I'm not perfect by any means, but I try my best.  A few months ago, I accepted a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 40 days.  This meant that I had to read about 30 minutes everyday.  I did this challenge while my boys were in school.  So I decided that I would read after they left for the day (when it was quiet) which means that I have my two little girls with me that are ages 1 and 3.  If my one year old was awake, I would give her a bottle and hold her while I read.  
I started noticing that my 3 year old would sit on the other couch quietly and pick up the smallest Book of Mormon that she could find and start to "read".  She always would make sure that she had a baby on her lap as well.  
I started thinking about this and just had to smile because that is probably exactly what I look like to her: a quiet baby in my lap while I read from my scriptures.  
Isn't the influence of a Mother so important to children?  Our children are watching us every minute of everyday and they take what they see and it becomes a part of who they are.  What a tremendous responsibility!  It is a bit over whelming, scary, exciting and such an honor!  Wow!  Words can't even describe the role of a Mother!
I am inspired by so many wonderful women.  Whether I see you on the street, at school, shopping, in church, family, friends and even through blogging.  Whether you have little children, teenaged children, grown children, or no children at all.  You all have so many wonderful qualities and are truly examples to those you meet.  I wanted to thank you all for the examples that you have set.  You are truly inspiring!

Day Trip to Vinton, NM

Living in El Paso puts us right on the border of Texas and New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico.
We have had a lot of fun driving around and seeing new places.  Towards the end of February, we drove to Vinton, New Mexico (which isn't very far at all) and enjoyed driving around the town.  

Daisy jumping to Dad
There are so many old buildings and such character in that town.  We stopped and played in an old park.  It was kind of run down, but the kids loved it.  And right across the street was the cemetery, so we just had to walk around the cemetery.   

We also stopped at a family owned Nursery and bought a few plants.  We had such an enjoyable time, especially since Ben was able to spend the day with us, and that doesn't happen very often.  Being an OB/GYN resident really takes up time.  :)  




Cub Scout Cake Contest

This past February, Calvin and Ashton participated in the Cub Scout Cake Decorating Contest.  It was suppose to be a Father and Son contest, but with Ben working all the time, it was my turn to help out.

The theme was Native Americans.  Calvin and Ashton came up with the design and did it themselves.  I just supervised the baking and frosting making.  You can't go wrong with chocolate!  

They actually won an award!  They were pretty proud Scouts!

6th Grade Orchestra

Caleb and Carson have had an amazing time in Orchestra this past year.  They played music in 6th Grade that I didn't play until high school!  The Orchestra program here is unlike anything I have seen before.  And I don't say that very lightly!  They have competitions every 2 months, whether it is a jazz competition or a classical one.  And they get the highest scores every time!

This is one of the concerts that we attended in February.  This is only one of the 6th grade orchestras.  The boys have had fun and one of their cousins that live here, Alli, plays in the Orchestra with them.  She is on the piano in this picture, but she plays cello with Carson.

Here is Carson in the cello section.

And here is Caleb in the violin section.

A Day at the Park

Right now I am playing catch up. So this is a post about a day that we spent in the park back in February.  We walked to the park near our house and had a picnic and played.

Daisy enjoying the ride, while Lacey sleeps

Calvin and Ashton




Caleb and Lacey




Devin and Lacey

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