Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Awards

Ashton received a very distinguished award.  Every year, each teacher picks a boy and a girl from their class to receive the Citizenship award and they are awarded a trophy at the end of the year.  Ashton was chosen from his class.  He is such a good boy and very polite.

He also received a trophy for top grades!  Such a smart boy!

Calvin also received a trophy for top grades!  I'm so proud of these boys!  They worked really hard.

More Scouting...

Ashton received his Wolf award in scouting.  He did it 6 months early.  He worked really hard to get the award.  For those of you who don't know, scouts receive one of these awards every year as they progress through cub scouts.

Calvin was also awarded many arrow points.  Scouts receive an arrow point for every additional 10 goals they complete after they receive their badge.  Calvin now has 10 arrow points just for his Bear!  That is huge!  He worked really hard as well and now is ready for Webelos!

Kindergarten Graduation

Devin graduated from Kindergarten!  He was chosen to receive the Citizenship award.  Each teacher picks a boy and girl to receive this award.  It is handed out at the end of the year and they get a small trophy.  He is such a good boy and pretty handsome too!

Now onto to first grade!

Calvin's Musical

During the month of May, Calvin participated in a Musical.  It was really, really good!  It was music throughout the decades.  A group of students were assigned a decade and performed one song from it and the dressed the part as well.  It was really cute and lots of fun!

Calvin was in the 1950's group and they sang "You ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog".  They danced and sang and did a great job!

Here is Calvin in his 1950's clothes.  He looks the part very well.  He even slicked back his hair.  

Happy Birthday Calvin!

 We celebrated Calvin's 10th birthday in May.  He loves a good party.  For his birthday he wanted cake balls.  So that is what he got!  A few years ago he asked for lemon cake balls, this year it was chocolate.  And they were yummy and rich!

Calvin also wanted a monster for his birthday.  He opened one present before school and that is what it was.  He was so excited and sleeps with his monster every night.  He has started a small clan of monsters in our house since then.

We had the cousins come over for a small party.  And we loved every moment!  We had to push things along pretty fast because the boys had scouts right after the presents were opened.

Calvin is a great boy.  He is very good with his sisters and they just love him.  He is very creative and is always coming up with things to make.  He is also very smart.  The lowest grade he received all year in school was a 96%.  And he was so disappointed that he got such a low score!  Funny kid!  He also plays the piano and viola and does so excellently!  Things just come so naturally to him.  We are glad that he is a part of our family!

Little Photo Shoot

During the month of May, we took a lot of pictures.  So bear with me.

I snapped this photo one Sunday evening of Lacey.  Carli cut her hair to a cute a-line bob and it looked adorable!

I made a Baptism book for Ashton and it needed a picture of him and me, so Caleb took this picture of the two of us.  (The book turned out great as well!)

I wanted to do a little photo shoot of the girls while the boys were in school.  Lacey was very cooperative.  Daisy was a different story.  She did not want anything to do with getting her pictures taken.  Hopefully that will change in the near future.

So there you go.  Lacey is growing up and I'm trying to get all caught up with my photos and blogging.  At least I made it to the month of May...  :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunday-Family Day

While we were down in Arizona we stayed until Sunday and enjoyed spending more time with family.  We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Richardson's house.  Calvin took Lacey out and took pictures of her while I got ready for Church.

We enjoyed spending time with family.  We have to soak up what we can get!

We also went over to Grandma and Grandpa Reed house and had some more fun with cousins.

Weston and Lacey

Daisy, Weston, Lacey and Mayley

Reed Family Rodeo

Every year Grandma and Grandpa have their Reed Rodeo. It is just a family type rodeo and all the kids love it and so do all the adults.  We had it at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We were able to drive to Arizona to participate and we loved that Ben went with us!

Daisy loved watching all the festivities from one of the old wheelbarrows.  It was perfect for me because it kept her in one spot.

Grandpa Reed also took a seat in the wheelbarrow next to Daisy.

We started off with the three legged races.

Brooke and Nich's kids thought that holding hands would be good enough.  :)

Mayley and Lacey came in last, but the had fun!

Lacey had to take a break from the races in the wheelbarrow.

Cute little Madi.

The sack races were fun to watch.  Some of the kids got going really fast and took a few falls.

Daisy thought she would join the races.

We also had wheelbarrow races.  Adults and kids loved this one.

Uncle John had Karlee on his shoulders while he pushed the wheelbarrow.  We were all laughing!

Daisy just wanted to go slow and enjoy the ride.

Weston, Lacey and Mayley.  Weston did such a good job at being gentle to the girls.  He even managed to get Lacey to hold his hand for one small moment.

We also did a water balloon toss.

Afterwards, they got the horses out and had lots more fun!  We can't wait to do it again next year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hard Day

Sometimes we have "one of those days"...

Happy Birthday Lacey

In April, we celebrated Lacey's 3rd birthday.  Her birthday actually fell on Easter this year, so it was an extra special day and thank goodness, Ben had that day off.

She wanted everything pink (her favorite color).
She is such a sweet girl and we all love her.  She just follows me around the house all day and helps me.  Her favorite thing to do: make cookies for the boys.  That is what she wants to do everyday.

She didn't want a fancy cake, just a pink one!

We went to the "cousin's" house and she blew out her candles and we ate all the yummy cake and ice cream!

We love this girl and love what she brings to our family.  After having five boys, I can definitely say that having a girl is so much different!  But we wouldn't have it any other way and we love every minute!

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

A couple days before Easter, Daisy fell on our firepit outside and needed some medical help.  Thank goodness there is a Doctor in the house.  :)  Ben was able to seal the wound shut without getting stitches, although he was really close to putting a few in.  

The day before Easter, our ward had an Easter egg hunt at the park.  All the kids loved gathering their Easter eggs.  And the weather was absolutely beautiful.  

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