Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Family Pictures

Here are a few pictures of our family that we took over the break.

Caleb's Writings

Here are two papers that Caleb wrote. I just thought that they were so sweet! The first one is his dream job.

For my dream job I would like to be a Missionary.
1. I teach people about the Church.
2. I get a warm feeling
3. I get to go to a different country.
4. Eat different food.
5. Meet new people.
6. Ride a bike.
7. Make our own food.
8. Make a right choice.
9. Choose the Right. CTR
10. Preach the Gospel.

Mrs. Moakler (Caleb's teacher) wrote "Wonderful Choice Caleb!" in the comments section for that paper. The next paper is Caleb's favorite place.

My favorite place is my Grandma and Grandpa's farm. I like looking at the pictures of my Grandpa at the rodeo. It is a good place to ride horses and to take pictures. My Grandma and Grandpa have seven kids and I like to play with all of them. I love to be a Cowboy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Broken Lightbulb

Today is one of my massive laundry days that seem happen two or three times a week. I was in the process of walking to and from the laundry room and my bedroom when Ashton met me in the hall. He looked suspicious and said "What?" I responded and asked him "What?" He answered and said that he thought that I called him. When I told him that I didn't, he hesitantly said that the lamp fell down in his room and that he quickly put it back. He seemed really worried and kept repeating that it was an accident and he didn't mean to do it. The pieces were starting to fit together and I asked him if the light bulb broke. He said that it did and asked if I was mad. I told him that I wasn't mad and that we should go and clean it up. It was so funny because after I said that, he looked relieved and said "Whew! My legs were shaking so bad!" Poor little boy was terrified to tell me that the light bulb broke in his lamp! So we went in his room and proceeded to clean up the mess. I managed to get the bulb out of the lamp and asked Ashton to start to pick up the glass. That's when he started to climb under the bed. I thought "What is he doing? The lamp isn't by the bed!" So when I asked him, he said that he didn't want anyone to know that he broke it so he hid the glass under the bed. I couldn't help but laugh and then I thanked him for telling me the truth, even though his legs were shaking! Funny kid!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family Pictures

Hey Everyone! Take a look at my parent's blog for some family pictures! Let me know what you think...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Caleb is seven years old and is a peacemaker. He makes sure that everyone is being taken care of.
He loves to draw and write stories. He has a notebook full of different stories that he wrote. He also writes songs with really catchy beats.
He loves to sing and is very good on the piano and plays the violin as well.
He enjoys going over to Grandpa Reed's house and riding horses. He has many talents and many friends. We all love Caleb!


Carson is seven years old and very creative. He is always drawing pictures and creating different characters.
He is a wonderful pianist and also plays the violin. He is very good at math and does well in school. He loves going over to Grandpa Richardson's house and going for rides in the Scout.
He loves to play sports and enjoys the daily bike ride with his Dad.
He has lost 5 teeth and loves to smile! He enjoys to make "parties" in his room. He decorates his room, sets up games and puts on music. He then dresses in his white Sunday shirt and invites us all to the party. We dance, play games and have great times. We all love our Carson!


Calvin is five years old and is always so thoughtful. He is constantly taking care of his Mom. He knows exactly the moments when I need a hug or a quick "I love you".
He loves animals! All he wanted for Christmas was a kitten. He always is talking about dogs and cats and other animals.
He is my quiet child, but very intelligent. He loves saving special momentos that people give him. And he has many "collections" of various items and keeps them neatly organized.
His favorite drink is water. When everyone is drinking Kool-aid or pop, Calvin asks for water! He is shy, but once you get to know him, he will talk and talk to you. We love you Calvin!


Ashton is four years old and is our boy who laughs all the time. Except he hardly makes a noise when he is laughing.
He loves working with tools. If you want to keep him busy for hours, just give him some tools and a "project" to work on. He has a toolbox and many toolbags and has them filled with tools. His favorite store is the "tool store" a.k.a. Home Depot.
He is very protective of Devin and is always "translating" to me what his baby brother, Devin whats. Devin is lucky to have such a good big brother.
He especially loves to ride bikes. Almost everyday, his Dad takes him on a bike ride. Ashton and Devin crawl in the bike trailer and off they go. Ashton also loves camping and hiking. He is an outdoorsman! We love our Ashton boy!


Here are a few pictures of Devin. He is two years old and quite a character! He is so cuddly. He loves to give "hugs and loves".
He absolutely is "all boy". He loves to play trucks and run them into things.
Grandma Stanford knitted the boys some hats one year for Christmas. When it's cold (for Arizona) Devin will not take that hat off! He loves to wear it. We love him lots!
Devin loves to read books. Everynight when most kids sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket, Devin sleeps with a book or two. Every morning I have to put numerous books away that I find tucked in the covers. He always points to every picture with one finger over and over again with a quiet tap. What silly boys we have!

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