Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Picnic in the Wash

Last month, we took the boys on another picnic in the Queen Creek wash. They love going there! We made our lunch and then they did some exploring and shot the BB gun.
Calvin loves to go around and "collect" things.
Devin thought he was so big shooting the gun.

So did Ashton...

There were alot of bees high in the trees. They didn't bother us at all, but I was having fun taking pictures of them. Weird, I know. But I have some really good close ups of them. The bushes they were in were beautiful as well. The detail in the flowers were amazing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just another doctor's appointment

Well, I just went to the doctor today and everything went great. I guess that I'm kind of weird... It's just that I'm in denial about being pregnant. I almost dismiss it, like I'm really not pregnant. It's not until I'm this far along that I actually convince myself that it's all true. And I'm really excited! I told you that I'm weird. What makes it even stranger is that this is that 4th time that I've been to the doctor and I've already had one ultrasound. So anyway, back to the appointment. The baby's heartbeat was strong and they found it very easily. Which is always comforting. When the doctor came in, she asked if I have been nauseated or thrown up at all. I told her that I haven't and that I've felt great. She was just concerned because during all of these weeks, I've lost some weight. I assured her that I've been eating. (And anyone who knows me can attest to that!) So anyway, I guess that I have to concentrate on gaining some weight. (I've never been told that. But I think that I can handle that assignment.) The only thing that I can think of is that I've been going on alot of walks lately. So maybe that is what's going on. She measured the baby's position and it's right on track. I get another ultrasound in 4 weeks and we are really excited! I will let you all know how that goes. So until then...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Here are a few pictures of a little birthday party we had for Devin at my parent's house. I know it's about a month late, but that's how things go...
The first couple pictures were taken in the evening.
The boys loved helping me put candy on the cake. The cupcakes are always a big hit!
Since Devin and I share a birthday, he had the cake and I had a pie that my brother, Jared, made. It was really tastey!
As you can tell, Devin loved the cupcake!
Some presents that family and friends generously gave him! He was so excited!
All of the kids played with the geo tracks that he got. I don't know who was the most excited!
These next few pictures were taken in the morning... I think that he is waiting for the song to end.
Here are the boys singing "Happy Birthday" to Devin.

Some of the boys got together and put a present together for Devin. Here are some of the pennies and a bottle of bubbles that Devin was so proud about.

I just wanted to tell Melissa and Deanna thanks for taking me out to lunch on my birthday. It was such a treat and I had a great time! And thanks to Mom for coming over and watching the boys so I could go out. (Ben had finals that day.) And thanks for cleaning my carpets while I was out! The carpet looks beautiful! I have the best friends and family! Love you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chinks, Chaps and Bridles

If anyone is wanting any leather work done, my sister, Bridget, makes some really good stuff. This would be perfect for Christmas. She made some chaps for Ashton and they are so cute! He loves wearing them and they are very durable. We get comments on them whenever he wears them. She also made Ben a bridle and it is beautiful! Here is some of her other work. Just leave me a comment or email me if you don't know how to get a hold of her and I will put you through.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some QC 2nd Ward Laurels (all grown up)

Some of us girls from the old Queen Creek 2nd Ward got together for lunch in September. We had a lot of fun talking about the good ol' days and reminiscing. And then talking about our new and exciting lives now. :) And we had a surprise visit from Dr. Alex Matheson. (A great dentist here in Queen Creek if anyone is interested.) We all had a great time growing up out here as youth and most of us still live out here!
(Maiden names only) Ruth Gordon, Sarah McClure, Courtney Schaeler, Alex Matheson, Tina Pieffer, Marinda Gledhill, and me.
Ruth Gordon, Courtney Schaeler, Marinda Gledhill, Sarah McClure, Sally Gardner, me, and Tina Pieffer. This isn't everyone, but it was all we could get a hold of on such short notice. We'll have to have another get together with everyone.
For those of you who haven't seen me in awhile. Here is a picture of my short hair!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calvin's 1st Tooth

Last night Calvin lost his first tooth! He thought he looked like a vampire when it first came out because of all the blood. But it stopped bleeding quickly and this is the end result.

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