Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ashton!!!

We celebrated Ashton's birthday on November 7th.  I know that his birthday hat says the 6th, but that is the one that the school gave him.  The Miner Family was visiting that weekend, so we had a little party.  Ashton loved every minute of it!  He is now 6 years old! 

We absolutely love Ashton!  Some of his favorite things to do are:
1.  Spend time working with his Dad.  Ashton loves to work in the garage building things with Ben. 
Even if Ben is cleaning and organizing, Ashton is right there.
2.  He loves doing math in school.  Especially his "mental math".
3.  He loves us to read his scriptures to him every night and he will remind us if we forget.
4.  He loves to practice his drums that Uncle John is letting us borrow while he is on his mission.
5.  He loves to eat eggs every morning! 
6.  He is a great student!  His teacher told me how thankful she is for Ashton because one of the kids that gives her trouble is now being great all because Ashton talked to him.  Ashton just told him to do his work and pay attention.  The influence of others...:)
7.  He loves to run around and play with his brothers.
8.  He is great at holding and taking care of Lacey.
9.  He gives the best hugs and always makes sure I get a hug and a kiss on the cheek before he goes to school.
10.  Ashton is thoughtful, silly, full of energy, loving, caring, good at building, fun to be around and a great kid!  We love you Ashton! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Catch Up-Halloween

Here are a few pictures of our Halloween Costumes:
Me-I was a punk rocker.  I had fake Eyelashes on and boy were they heavy!
 I just wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep!
Caleb-a rodeo clown, and a good one at that!
Carson-a circus clown.  Another night he dressed up as a doctor.
Calvin-a dragon
Ashton-a ninja of some sort.  Another night he dressed up as a mad scientist.
Devin-a nice shark.
Lacey-a pixie fairy.  So cute!
Ben-he was a rocker with a mohawk, but there are no pictures.  So sad...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

(5 boys + 1 girl) x 2

I know that some people think that it is crazy that we have five boys right in a row and so fun that we now have a girl.  But my cousin, Janelle, did the exact same thing.  She had five boys and then within months of me having Lacey, she had a girl as well!  So we had a Reed dinner a few weeks ago and decided to take a picture of all the kiddos, moms and dads. This was last minute, so we are not dressed up in any way.  (In fact, our family just drove straight to the dinner after going camping, so we were flithly!) 

What a good looking group of boys...and girls!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Ashton is Smart"

Ashton brought home a paper of work he did at school.  It was an addition paper.  At the bottom of the page there were "counters" you could cut out to help you with the adding.  Ashton didn't cut his out and just did all the math in his head.  On the paper his teacher wrote "Ashton did it all with mental math"  and "Way to go Ashton!".  Well, he was so excited that he had to show everyone and tell them that he did mental math and finished way before everyone else, and then he put it on the refrigerator.  Later, he came up to me and said "Mom, why didn't Mrs. Adolph just write on the paper, "Ashton is smart"?  Haha!  The confidence of a child!

Monday, November 30, 2009

We love Camping!

Last month we went camping as a family.  We went to Pickett Post and had a great time!  This was Lacey's first real camping experience.  She did really good, except for the close call from a scorpion!  Yikes!  She was sitting on a blanket just playing and Devin was next to her when he started yelling that their was a big bug.  Ben ran over there and found a scorpion about 2-3 inches long crawling to her.  Scary!   Other than that, we were good!  :)  Carson was the photographer, so these pictures are all from him.  Unfortunely there are no pictures of him.  But you will see Ashton, Calvin, Caleb and Devin.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reed Grandkids

A few weeks ago, everyone was down visiting, so we decided to get pictures of all the Grandkids.  This is what we came up with...
We took pictures of the kids that are about the same ages.
Guess who this is?

Weston, Lacey and Brogan

Mayley and Chisolm

Colton, Devin and Bridger (classic)

Ashton, Dayton and Tillison

Calvin, Caleb, Carson, Briley

Here are all of the kids, except the babies:  Weston, Mayley, Lacey and Brogan.
Now that's alot of boys!

Grandpa gave them M&M's if they were good.  Yummy!

Now here is everyone!  Finally!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween Treats!

Here are the Ghost cupcakes that Brittany and I made with ALL of the Reed Grandkids!  We had an assembly line going and everyone had alot of fun!

Tillison, Dayton and Ashton showing off those muscles!

Ashton and Caleb

Bridger and Devin

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Calvin!

Calvin was chosen to be Mr. Cosper's Student of the Month for September.
Here is what Mr. Cosper said about him:

"Calvin is the first student to wear the Cosper Student of the Month jersey.  I have really enjoyed having Calvin in class this year.  He is one of the most polite, respectful, and responsible students in this school.  Even if I make a mistake Calvin nicely asks if thats what I meant to say.

Calvin comes to class each day prepared with his homework ready and his desire to learn and have fun.  He is the kind of kid that you'll never hear complain.  He does what is asked and seems to enjoy every minute of it.  I am very pleased to have Calvin as my September Student of the Month."

This is Mr. Cosper. He is a great teacher and Calvin loves him!

Here is the jersey!

Calvin was also P.E. Student of the Quarter.  Every quarter Coach picks a boy and a girl from each grade to be honored at the assembly.  Calvin was chosen as the boy from the 2nd Grade.

He was also awarded with Academic Acheievement, Perfect Attendence and meeting his AR Goal (Accelerated Reader Goal).  He is one great kid!  We love him!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grrrr! Bears!!!!

Caleb and Carson worked really hard and received their Bear Award in September!  We are so proud of them!  They had to get inside the tent and wrestle a BEAR! aka: Dad.  They had so much fun.  Hopefully it will encourage them to keep on with the scouting!  (By the way, they have AWESOME scout leaders!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Here are a few pictures taken in September of Ashton, Lacey and Devin at Grandma and Grandpa Reed's house. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Devin!!!

Well, I'm a little late in posting due to just plain busyness and moving.  But we celebrated Devin's 4th birthday on the 19th of September.  It was quite a day because we also had a yard sale that day.  But that evening we had a little barbeque and opened presents.  I made him a little crown to wear that said "Birthday Boy Devin" so everyone would know that it was his special day.

Devin is my little shadow.  Every where I go, he is there with me.  As a baby, random strangers would stop us and say that he was the cutest baby they ever saw!  He was definitely a cutie and still is! 
He loves to play with his olders brothers.
He is a great helper with Lacey and loves to talk to her during the day when the boys are at school.
He is very smart and knows how to add small numbers and knows his ABC's.
He loves Preschool.
He loves learning and will literally spend hours working on his "homework" books.
He loves doing mazes and is really good at them.

One of his favorite things to do is get the puzzle box out and do puzzle after puzzle.  He asks me to help, but he really only wants me to watch.  :)
He can memorize songs and poems so quickly.  One day Ben was singing a song that he has listened to all his life when Devin told him that he was singing it wrong.  And then Devin sang the whole chorus!  Ben was impressed because he didn't even know the words!
We love Devin and love having him in our family!

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