Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open for Business

One day back in March we decided to "Open Shops".  Every person decided what they were going to specialize in.  They worked on products or services and everyone was given $100 in play money.  You could make money and spend money.

Caleb opened a hair salon.  He put up ideas of how you could get your hair done and he would do it...for a price.

Ashton owned a sports arena outside and organized a football game in which you had to pay to get into.

Devin owned a concession stand and sold snacks at the football game.

We didn't get pictures of everyone's different trades, but here they are...

   Carson was a DJ.  He played music the entire time and you could pay him to run ads for your business.  

Calvin ran a Pet Shop and you could buy stuffed animals and food and cages for them.  He had them all set up in cages.

Lacey and I sewed little satchels for putting all their money into.  It was really fun and such a good learning experience for them.  I was surprised at the creativity of everyone and the different ideas that they had.  They realized that  you had to work hard to make money and help others as well.

It was fun watching the football game as well...


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