Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas Day!!!

Now that Christmas has come and gone...I better post some pictures!  :)
We had a wonderful Christmas!  Every year we give the boys (and Lacey now) pajamas on Christmas Eve.  I usually make them, but sometimes things just don't work out, so you go with plan B which is to buy them. :)  Every year all the kids sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve.  The rule is: you are not allowed to wake up anyone Christmas morning.  I don't know if any one followed that rule or not, but we try.  We all have to eat breakfast before any one can leave the room (unless it's a bathroom break of course).  We eat homemade cinnamon rolls, navel oranges, and deviled eggs.  We all look forward to that!  Then we all go to the front room together and Ben hands out the presents to everyone one at a time.  All day we keep busy visiting family.  This year we talked to 2 missionaries: my brother, John, and Ben's brother, Jordan.  Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year.  I love everything about it, the christmas lights, songs, treats, but most especially the feelings of peace and celebration of our Savior's birth.  What a wonderful time of year!

Christmas Eve Animal Attack!!!

Well, I've heard of people being "heart attacked", but never "animal attacked"!  Christmas Eve we heard a knock on our door and when we opened it up we saw that we had stuffed animals everywhere in our front lawn, on our cars, and even one on our roof!  Our good friends surprised us with goodies and animals.  They boys LOVED it!  They kept saying how this was the best Christmas ever!  Even though Christmas didn't officially begin yet!  What a fun idea!  Thank you for making such a fun night for us!!!

Nativity with the Bears

I know that I am really late on posting this, but that is how life has been for me lately.
Every year, all the Bear's get together before Christmas and act out the Nativity.  Aunt Betty made some wonderful costumes and the kids did great!  Caleb was Joseph, Carson was a shepherd, Calvin, Ashton, and Devin were angels.  The rest of the pictures are of my cousins and my neices and nephews.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Temple Lights

During the Holildays we always like walking around the Temple lights.  Here are a few of the pictures.  Ben came straight from his OB rotation.  I think he was on call that night so he had to be ready go deliver a baby.  And then there's one of Carson.  Before we went to the see the lights we stopped by Great-Grandma and Grandpa Richardson's house and had a little visit with them.  Then we ate at Pete's.  We love that place!  It was a fun night!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Puppies for Sale

My parents have 4 more puppies for sale. They are the cutest little things! Let me know if your interested.
Click on the link for more pictures!

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