Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Devin feeding the Chickens

I thought this was too cute to pass up! Every time we go to Grandma and Grandpa Reed's house, Devin loves feeding the chickens. I don't know who gets more scared, Devin or the chickens! But Devin has to act brave no matter what!

Horseshoe Men

The boys asked Uncle James if he could teach them how to make something in the Blacksmith Shop. So since today was a half day of school, we went over to the Shop and James worked his magic!
They started out by finding old horseshoes. It helps that James shoes horses and had a few lying around.
Then they pounded and pounded and pounded the horseshoes on the anvil. And let me mention that it was HOT!
And then they pounded some more. The boys got pretty good at using that hammer.
The finished product! They are so proud! James and the boys did a great job. You can't see it here but James welded sideburns on all of the men along with their cowboy hats.

Our House

This is a picture of the house that we are living in while we are in Queen Creek. It's exciting and fun to be so close to our families. We are so fortunate to be able to live in such a nice house while Ben is in Medical School. Believe it or not, it was just as much to rent this house as it was to rent a small apartment next to the school. We live in my parents Ward and we live a block away from the boys school, so we just walk to school. I love it! Now we just have to sell our house in Tucson. Good luck to us in that venture! We need all the help we can get.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

James and Larissa's Wedding

My brother James just got married to Larissa Skinner on August 10. They both looked great! They got married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. And believe it or not, her Mom made her wedding dress! What talent! I'm jealous!

Right when you come out of the Temple, people are taking pictures left and right. It's hard to know who to look at, but every picture they took looked fantastic.
This is my Mom and Grandma Bear (her Mom). I thought that is was really sweet when they walked out from the Temple together, I couldn't let the moment pass by.
Carson was being a good brother and watching out for Devin. Caleb was helping to, but barely missed the picture.

The Boys Start School

Caleb, Carson and Calvin started school on the same day as Ben, July 30. They were all so excited! This is the first year that Caleb and Carson have been in different classes, they are in 2nd Grade. Calvin started Kindergarten. So all three boys go all day to school. They loved their first day of school. The house is really different with only Ashton and Devin at home. I get so many things done and everyday we have to play "Go Fish". Ashton looks forward to it and reminds me constantly until we play, it's his favorite game.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Journey Begins

On Thursday, August 2, Ben had his white coat ceremony. It was really fun to see the whole class of 2011. Everyone was so excited and the program was really nice.
Doesn't he look so handsome!?! The nametag says "Benjamin Richardson - Student Doctor"
This is when they announced his name and put his coat on.
Then he walked across the stage and shook the Dean's hand and the President's hand.
They are all really nice people.
During the opening ceremony on Tuesday, July 31, one of the speakers got up and said how there are so many differences in the students of the class and how one of the students served in the War in Iraq, and a few are surfers. And then he said that there is one student who has five boys. The whole crowd oohhed and awhed. And then he said, "God help him." Everyone laughed and laughed. There are actually quite a few students who have children. It is really exciting and everyone is so nice. It's not hard to believe that Ben has already made a name for himself and classes haven't even started yet. They start on Monday, August 6!

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