Monday, August 20, 2012

Caleb and Carson's Birthday

Caleb and Carson celebrated their 12th birthday in March.  I can't believe how old they are getting!  I know I say that every year about every child!

There were a lot of candles on the cake!  We had a pie another night.  It was a week long party!

Turning 12 is a special birthday because young men are allowed to receive the Priesthood.  Grandma and Grandpa Reed and Grandpa Richardson came to see Caleb and Carson.  We loved having the company!

We are so proud of Caleb and Carson.  They are really good kids.  Teachers and employees at the school tell me all the time how nice the boys are!  In fact, one teacher just recently told me that having them in class makes it such a joy to come to work everyday.

Carson, Dad and Caleb
Grandpa Reed, Carson, Dad, Caleb and Grandpa Richardson

Dad, Carson, Caleb and Mom
We are so proud of the decisions the boys make and the example that they set for our family!  They sure make life fun and exciting...and really noisy!  :)


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