Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was tagged by a couple people and so I'm just going to put the tags together and answer an all in one...

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? We will celebrate 9 years of marriage on May 14!

HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? Ben got home from his mission in February. We were engaged in March and married in May!


WHO EATS MORE? I would say Ben.


WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? Neither one of us have any tickets. (Knock on wood!)

WHO IS SMARTER? I guess it depends on what subject. :) But I would say Ben. He obviously studies and learns more than me. I guess that's what medical school does to a person.


WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? I usually do. Sometimes Ben washes the clothes, but I always fold the laundry. I don't think he would know what clothes belong to what boy!

WHO DOES THE DISHES? I do most of the time, but Ben does help out pretty regularly!

WHO IS MORE ROMANTIC? It's pretty much a draw.

WHO PAYS THE BILLS? I do. I love doing the finances. I feel like it's a game. Weird I know. Ben just stands back and lets me work. We met regularly and discuss how things are going. We have to on a limited budget.

WHO MOWS THE LAWN? I usually do. I love to do the yard work! I love the end result!

WHO COOKS DINNER? Most of the time I do. But sometimes my violin and piano lessons go late and Ben takes over! I love it when he cooks!

WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU ARE TOGETHER? Ben does most of the time. On long trips I drive part of the way because he gets sleepy. Although, I can never sleep when he's driving. I guess it's because I'm always talking or reading.

WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? That would be me! (Ben is probably laughing right now.)

WHO IS FUNNIER? Ben. He's always making me laugh.

WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST? I think that my Dad arranged that. . . a convenient trip to the ranch. That's when Ben said he fell in love with me because I could ride a horse. :) He may correct me later on that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cowboy Caleb

Here are some more pictures from Chea! I love them! The red and green look great!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Field is Green

Here are our future missionaries. . .

Chea Lamb was so generous with her time and took a lot of photos of our family and my Mom and Dad's family before Caleb and Carson got baptized. She does great work! I highly recommend her! Here are a few of Caleb, Carson and Calvin. To see some more of the future missionaries, click here.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dinner with Grandma Stanford

After the last session of General Conference, Grandma Standford invited us over for dinner. She made some excellent beans and cornbread with salad and fruit. It all tasted so yummy! After we ate, we all played games. We played yahtzee and uno. The boys loved yahtzee. We all had a great time. I forgot to mention that the boys got all wet from the irrigation that Ben was helping his Dad with that day. That is why Devin is "hubba-hubba".

A Scary Afternoon, Full of Blessings

Between Conference Sessions on Sunday, all the kids were out playing. When I called them into eat Devin was running as fast as he could, crying and calling my name. I ran out to see him and he said that there was a rattlesnake. I didn't think that he knew what a rattlesnake was. He kept saying that it was moving and then he would put his hand up in the air and move it back and forth. It looked like the motion that the rattles would make. He kept talking about it and he was really scared. He would not eat, and kept saying that there was a rattlesnake. So Ben walked down there and Jared met him with a gun. Ben said a prayer that if there really was a snake that they would find it. Soon after that, Jared yelled out that he found it. It was near the creek where the water from the sump drains into the creek. It is all dried up right now. But he saw the snake down in the little gorge under some old mesquite tree that fell down. He started shooting at it. Ben ran in and told us that Jared found it and we went out to see. I told all the kids to stay, but I took Devin with me so we could put some closure on the rattlesnake for him. James took the pitchfork and got the snakes out from under the sticks and there were two! We were all surprised. They were gigantic! The rattles were huge! We are so blessed that Devin was safe. I truly believe that someone was watching out for him.
They cut the heads off and buried them. Then they cut the rattles off and we saved them. They skinned the biggest snake. While it was getting skinned, Devin finally left my side and stood right next to the snake. He could obviously tell that the threat was gone. But he still talks about how all rattlesnakes are bad and naughty.
One thing that was interesting...there was a man that showed up on a quad during this whole ordeal. He was the one that wanted the skin. He cut out the heart of the snake and it was still beating! It was so amazing! He said that the heart will beat up to 6 to 8 hours after the snake is killed and then it will slowly stop. Isn't that weird!?
They would just wiggle their bodies, especially while it was getting skinned.
Here's our brave and blessed boy, Devin.
It is truly a miracle that he was safe and protected from harm.
Here is Jared, our hero who shot the snake. When Devin talks about the rattlesnake now, he says that he was shaking when he saw it. What a brave little boy. For more pictures, see the Reed's blog.

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